Baccarat Tournament Tips

Online casinos have always been places for individuals to get in on the action with their favorite games in an environment that eliminates a lot of the variables that can come from playing in a live environment. This is an interesting way of looking at the overall experience, but there's more to it than that because you can also add a tournament format to create an event that helps to find out who has the best combination of skill and luck on any particular day. To this end, we have some online Baccarat tournament tips and strategies for you here that should help you to hold up the skill end of the deal.

Why Baccarat Tournaments Are Different

The tournament format for any table game introduces a lot of changes from how you would normally play at the tables. For example, it's pretty clear-cut that the banker bet is better than a tie, but because the banker pays 0.95:1 and the tie pays 8:1, it's not always so clear in tournament events. When you're playing a Baccarat tournament, your relative place based on how many chips you have can be just as important as which options you choose.

If you have a major disadvantage in chips, then sometimes you'll need to take the long-shot bet with a tie or pair wager (depending on how many decks are used for the event). The reason for this is that even though the banker and player bets are better in a single wager, your best chances of winning money in the tournament could come from winning on a bet like the tie or pair that pays out at a higher rate because this will get you back into the running for one of the top places. This comes down to the differences in value between your chips in the event and the actual money you'll win for placing in the Baccarat tournament.

Another Way to Think About It

This isn't the easiest concept to understand at first, so we're going to offer up another way to think about it. Suppose that ten players enter an event like this for $100 apiece, and everyone gets 1,000 in tournament chips to start with. Now suppose that the first place winner gets half of the prize pool ($500 of the $1,000 overall prize fund). We can look at what happens to the chip values as the tournament goes on to understand that all isn't what it seems when it comes to choosing which bet to use.

In a Baccarat tournament of this format, you'll be paying $100 for 1,000 chips at the beginning, and that's a rate of $0.10 per chip. However, if you win, then you'll get $500 for 10,000 chips since you'll have all of the chips in play. At the end of the event, you'll be paid out at a rate of $0.05 per chip. The point that we want to make here is that the more chips you accumulate, the less they are worth individually. This is a tricky concept that drives a lot of how strategy works in these events.

Specific Tips and Tactics

Baccarat Wiki tip: If you find yourself way ahead of the field, then just take it easy with simple bets and don't put your stack at risk. On the other hand, if you get far behind, then you have to take long-shot risks to try to get back into the game instead of withering away with a small stack on the banker and player bets.