Position on the Table

Several forms of Baccarat are available in casinos now, both online and offline, and even in online games, you can still play with live dealers at many establishments. This has helped to lead to a surge in popularity for the game, and it's also created a situation where each type of game has different betting positions on a Baccarat table. From the original big table games to the online, single-player versions, these positions can change your experience in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways. There are even cases where your betting position can be the difference between having the edge and not.

Why Betting Positions on a Baccarat Table Matter

Let's clear one thing up from our Baccarat Wiki very quickly: Betting positions rarely matter in single-player Baccarat games online. The reason for this is that there's only one seat to choose from with a first-person view of the game, so there's not really much room to try to improve with a better seat. However, in live dealer games on the Internet, you can sometimes get a better chance at winning if the interface shows a first-person view from your seat.

The point here is that you can get a better chance at catching a glimpse of one of the cards that the dealer puts out there if they're dealt face-down, and you can get a better chance at seeing what the next card in the shoe is going to be from certain betting positions on a Baccarat table. Some people might view this as cheating, but it's not. In fact, any information that you can gain from the regular play of the game is completely fine to use, and that includes catching a glimpse at the next card in the deck or shoe.

Live Game Issues

If you're playing in a live game, then you'll want to be seated close to the dealer/caller. The circular layout of the table makes it easy to get a great view of the deck, including the back of the dealer's hands, if they aren't being particularly careful 100 percent of the time. The idea here is that you can catch a peek based on which betting positions on a Baccarat table you use, and if you learn to use that information to your advantage, it can definitely give you a shot at having a winning session that you won't want to get up from.

Practical Considerations

For the most part, it's going to be hard to find dealers who expose any of the cards that are being dealt. A part of this is that most games have switched over to the mini Baccarat format where the cards are dealt face-up from the beginning. The way that shoes are designed also makes it difficult to see what the top card is going to be, even with a sloppy dealer. The best bet you have is sitting at a single-deck game that forces the dealer to shuffle every single hand. This gives you a chance to see what the next card will be each and every hand that you play, and even the best dealers are bound to slip up once in a while and show you that critical piece of information.