Midi Baccarat

In the Baccarat world, there are three main types of Baccarat. First there was the regular big table games that seated as many as 14 (or more in some cases). This was the only form of the game for a long time because of the way that high rollers would come together over the games in a social setting. After the game exploded on the Internet and the rules become more well-known, mini Baccarat games started showing up as a much simpler version of the game that had a number of changes to make the game run faster. This allowed players to get in more hands per hour and play smaller stakes, but it largely killed the social factor and the allure for high stakes play.

Introducing Midi Baccarat

By making the game so accessible, it lost a lot of what made it special in the first place. In response to this, casinos created midi Baccarat instead. This is a bit of a compromise between the big table and mini versions of the game. While it does speed up the game a bit, it also usually appears in high stakes areas only, and it's typically a restricted access sort of area that preserves the original social functions that the game used to have.

Table Size and Game Mechanics

In the midi style of Baccarat, you're going to have a larger table that's only slightly smaller than big table Baccarat (article about Baccarat table in our Wiki). The cards are all initially dealt face-up, and this is different than big table Baccarat. Originally, the cards were all dealt face-down to add suspense and to increase the entertainment aspect of the game. However, with the midi version, cards are dealt face-up to help speed the game along a little without totally killing the social vibe. The other main change to this game is that a six-deck shoe is used a lot of the time in midi Baccarat, though that doesn't really change the odds enough to matter all that much.

Pros and Cons

Like any table game, there are some pros and cons. The main pro is that the social atmosphere of a big Baccarat game is unlike the atmosphere of anything else, including craps, and it's really something that you have to see to believe. The main con is that there's a large barrier of entry because there's usually a fairly high minimum betting limit. This helps to maintain the exclusive feel to the game, which is one of the main selling points for high rollers.

Playing Midi Baccarat on Your Own

If you're wanting to play this style of Baccarat on your own, then you can effectively do so online by playing any six-deck Baccarat game with standard payouts. You'll have the same basic experience as playing at the big midi table with the exception that you'll be by yourself and that you won't be able to experience the social factor. However, you will be able to enjoy the game with lower stakes, and that makes it more accessible for a wider range of players.

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