Baccarat Game Cheating

The notion of cheating in casino table games has been around since the games themselves, and Baccarat cheating is no exception. What's really interesting about this game is that there are a lot of cheating options based on simple concepts because just seeing one card into the shoe or knowing what the very next card to be dealt is going to be can give you enough information to get a big advantage over the Baccarat casino. We're going to look at how this type of cheating works on a fundamental level and what is and isn't considered cheating.

The Fundamentals of Baccarat Cheating

The biggest thing you can do to cheat at Baccarat, and the thing that almost every form of cheating is based around, is figuring out what the next card to be dealt is going to be. In games that involve a burn card, you'll actually need to see the next card after that, and there are various ways to try for this including marked cards, deck structuring and more. We're going to skip over the different ways to actually find out what this card is since those methods are constantly changing. Instead, we're going to look at what you do with that actual information once you have it.

When You Know the Next Card

Baccarat Wiki Tips: If you know the next card to be dealt in an eight-deck game, then there are plenty of opportunities to explore Baccarat cheating. When the dealer shows a ten or face card, you'll have a 5.5% advantage over the house by betting on the banker. An ace gives the banker bet a 5.4% edge, and that drops slightly to 4.9% for a two. The threes, fours and fives also all give the banker wager an advantage over the house, and this edge is of 4.3%, 3.2% and 1.1%, respectively.

The remaining four cards all give the player hand an advantage, and it can be pretty substantial. A player bet when a six is to come gives a 0.8% edge, but that jumps to 7.4% when the card is a seven. You should also bet for the player on an eight for a whooping 17.29% advantage against the house. Finally, if you know the next card to come is a nine, then you'll have an amazing 21.53% edge for betting on the player. It goes without saying that you can absolutely destroy this game for massive winnings if you can figure out what that next card is going to be when you're betting.

What's Not Considered Cheating

While there are many techniques for Baccarat cheating, it's also important to realize what cheating is not. If you're just using information that you get from the normal play of the game, then that's never cheating. For example, if a dealer is flashing that next card by accident, and you're not doing anything shady to find out what that next card is with cooperation or changing the basic rules of the Baccarat game like with marking cards, then it's not cheating.

It's also important to note that card counting in Baccarat isn't cheating either, though casinos discourage it. You have to understand that they can stop allowing you into the games or onto the property for any reason, and they have to protect the house advantage of their games. That's why no matter if you're cheating or not, advantage players have to try to fly under the radar.