The Complete Baccarat Wiki

The Baccarat casino game is known for being easy to learn and difficult to master. It has a handful of basic bets that you can choose from, but different games can have a wide variety of side bets or atypical payouts for the normal bets that change things up significantly. In this Baccarat wiki, we want to cover all of the major bets and all of their variations so that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into for your particular game. This will help to avoid confusion on the many different variants of Baccarat that are out there.

The Player Bet

The player bet wins when the player hand wins, and in almost every type of Baccarat casino game out there, you'll find that the odds on the player bet stays the same as long as the number of decks stays the same. This is the bet that all other wagers revolve around, so there aren't many variations of it out there since it's used to set a standard. The payout rate is 98.76 in an eight-deck game or six-deck game, and it drops slightly to 98.71 percent in a single-deck game because of the way the card combinations work.

The Banker Bet

The banker bet is almost always the best option in terms of payout rates, and this Baccarat wiki will show you the different ways this bet can be altered for variations on the game. In its basic eight-deck form, it has a low house edge of 1.06 percent, and that decreases by about 0.005 percent when you drop to six decks. It improves to 1.01 percent with a single-deck game.

In the EZ Baccarat variation, the game is switched so that an eight-deck shoe is used with a special banker rule that changes the house edge to 1.01. The payout is switched to 1:1 instead of 0.95:1, and players push when winning with a three-card total that makes seven as compensation.

You'll often find eight-deck Baccarat games that brag of having a commission rate that's lower than the usual five percent. While it's normally a 1.06 percent house edge with a five percent commission, that drops to 0.60 percent with a four percent commission and a 0.14 percent edge with a three percent commission. These are obviously much better betting options than the standard five percent commission if you can find them.

The Tie Bet

The tie bet changes a lot more than the player and banker bets when you switch the number of decks being used. In an eight-deck Baccarat casino game, you'll normally see a house edge of a whooping 14.36 percent. With that having been said, it jumps to 14.44 percent with six decks. For a single-deck game, it's even higher at 15.75 percent.

You usually won't take this bet at all in any situation. However, some casinos offer a better 9:1 payout which is higher than the usual 8:1 payout. This changes the house edge to 4.84 percent for eight decks. 4.93 percent for six decks and 6.39 percent for just one deck.

The Pair Bet

The pair bets aren't as bad as the tie bets with more decks, but as you'll see in this Baccarat wiki entry, it gets even worse with fewer decks. The house advantage is a high 10.36 percent with eight decks to begin with, but it jumps to 11.25 percent with six decks and to an astronomical 29.41 percent with one deck. Players are advised to always avoid this bet.