Baccarat Winning Strategy

Even though Baccarat game strategies can be very simple for new players to learn, it can also be particularly difficult to learn to play on an exceptionally high level. The reason for this is that finding a Baccarat winning strategy centers around knowing a lot about the game and being able to keep up with tons of information about the game that's happening. What's more is that you have to pick out the right games in the right conditions to make it all come together. If any of these pieces of the puzzle are missing, then it's going to be exceptionally difficult, if not just plain impossible, to have a winning Baccarat system on your hands.

Overcoming the Odds

Almost all Baccarat games use an eight-deck shoe, and at the beginning of this shoe, the best wager available is on the banker bet. It has a payout rate of 98.94 percent initially, and this means you have 1.06 percent of house advantage to compensate for before you have a winning Baccarat system. That's not much, but the rules of Baccarat don't make it easy for you to make up that difference because they're so restrictive. To get a Baccarat winning strategy, you have to make use of every piece of information that you have an every little piece of a percentage point that you can get.

The Banker-Player Gap

The first place you have to start with improving on this rate is the banker-player gap. This is the gap between the banker bet and the player bet, and this is usually about 0.18 percent when a new shoe is started. As cards are dealt, this gap changes, and sometimes it can mean that the player bet is actually better than the banker bet. You can figure out with this is by tracking hands, counting cards or looking for trends. No matter which option you choose, if you do it accurately, then you can close that gap and gain a few hundredths of a percentage point for your payout rate.

Avoiding Temptation

Something you have to remember about this game is that it's a situation of small differences. You're basing play off of tenths and hundredths of percentage points, so you can't become impatient and try to win a lot at one time. Big winning and losing streaks will come and go, but you can't allow any frustration or impatience to push you into taking sub-optimal bets like the tie and pair bets. Yes, they do have payouts of 8:1 and 11:1, respectively, but they also have much, much larger house advantages.

You absolutely must avoid this temptation. Just playing the tie bet once with its 14.36 percent house advantage is like giving up 13.5 of the banker bet because that's how many more times the house edge is for a single bet. That's 13.5 hands, on average, that you could have played just based on the average loss that you would have on a single instance of the tie bet. That's why it's such a bad option, and that's why taking it (or the pair bet) even once flies directly in the face of any type of winning Baccarat system.