Mini Baccarat Strategy

Several versions of Baccarat have been invented to try to add more excitement to the game and speed things up. Players love variety, and that's exactly what you'll get with the mini version of Baccarat. While the players who want to win will probably focus on traditional strategies for the game, there are components of an overall mini Baccarat strategy that are specific to this style. Failing to take into account those specifics can drastically change your ability to get a better payout than usual through the use of well-planned strategies and tactics. We're going to look at a few examples of such strategies for mini Baccarat here.

The Basic Bets of Mini Baccarat Strategy

You'll find five bets in mini Baccarat, but only two of them are worth spending your time on. The banker and player bets both have good payout rates in the range of 98.5 to 99.0 percent. The tie, banker pair and player pair bets, however, all have horrible payout rates of less than 90 percent making them some of the worst bets in the Baccarat online casino. The exact odds are just slightly different for mini Baccarat games that use a single deck (as opposed to a full shoe), but the same principles apply.

Single-Deck Mini Baccarat Games

The odds for single-deck games are a bit different, but the strategies remain basically the same with one main difference. In regular Baccarat, you can play with the player or banker bet pretty much whenever you want without much of a difference in payout rate. For mini Baccarat strategy with a single deck, however, you'll actually want to stick to the banker bet exclusively because the gap with the player bet is larger. The Baccarat house edge for the banker bet is 1.01 percent in this case compared to 1.29 percent for the player bet. This is a small amount in absolute terms, but more than a 27 percent difference in relative terms.

Observing Trends

One way to try to get an advantage in this game is to try to observe trends. We're always going to stick to the player and banker bets, but we can track the cards and winning hands that have come before to try to find trends that will help us to determine who will win in the upcoming hands. You can try to figure out which cards are more likely to come next, or you can try to figure out which of the two hands is most likely to win. The key thing you want to focus on, however, is when the value of the player hand slips up past the value of the banker hand, because that's when you'll want to switch from the banker bet to the player bet.


In general, mini Baccarat strategy revolves around using the specific differences in this style of Baccarat to find ways to get a better payout rate than usual. Overall, this revolves around the comparison between the player and banker bets and what factors can make one better than the other. In a single-deck game especially, the differences are magnified in a pretty major way.