Baccarat Betting Strategy

The principles of Baccarat betting strategy are as follows. First, you're going to have to learn what the odds and payouts are for the main bets. Second, you have to learn how to focus on the top two bets and learning when each is better than the other using card counting if it's available. Third, you have to look at what the different side bets are in your game and if you can exploit them with card counting-based strategies. Overall, there are a lot of different things that you can use to build your own Baccarat betting system.

Knowing the Betting Options

The tie, banker pair and player pair hands should all be completely disregarded in Baccarat, and instead you should focus on the banker bet and the player bet. Assuming you're playing with a full shoe of eight decks, you'll have a 1.06 percent house edge on the banker bet with a 1.24 percent house advantage on the player bet. When you start off a new shoe of cards, you'll want to always stick with the banker option. However, as we'll see next, this can change.

Switching Between the Banker and Player Bets

A solid Baccarat betting strategy is going to be based on starting with the banker bet and switching to the player bet when it's called for. There are multiple ways to come up with this, but one of the most common is using some kind of card counting situation. When aces through fours are dealt, this increases the value of the player bet and decreases the value of the banker bet. Fives through eights being dealt has the opposite effect of making the player bet worth less and making the banker bet worth more. Nines through kings being dealt has a neutral effect on the count.

You'll have to come up with your own idea of when you should switch based on these cards being dealt, but that will get you started on coming up with your own Baccarat betting system. As far as expanding on that idea, you can card count some specific side bets in games like EZ Baccarat, but that's really all you have in terms of options unless you can see some of the cards that the dealer has not yet dealt. That's typically considered a form of cheating in most live venues, and it's not a possibility in Baccarat online casinos.

Exploiting Side Bets

Depending on the style of Baccarat you're playing, you can be faced with a number of side bets. Some of these side bets can be exploited with card counting if you're playing in a game that isn't shuffled after every deal. With the Dragon 8 that you see in EZ Baccarat, for example, you can play based on a very complicated system that works a lot like card counting in blackjack. Aces, twos, nines and tens (including face cards) all help the player's advantage, and threes through eights help the house's advantage on this bet. The exact details are a bit complicated, but this is the basic idea of how this type of strategy works in Baccarat.