Baccarat Game Strategies and Systems

A lot of people want to know if there's a Baccarat system that will allow you to get the advantage on the casino. It's possible in certain situations to be able to do this, but it's hard to replicate these scenarios online because they all require card counting. Card counting isn't a viable option in online casino games because the decks are shuffled after every hand, and card counting as a viable Baccarat strategy requires that a lot of the shoe is played out before the reshuffle. Along these lines, you have to look to other ways of maximizing your chances of winning.

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The Best Baccarat Strategy to Start With

The best Baccarat system to start with is based on knowing what the odds and average payouts are for all of the bets. Basically, the banker bet has the best payout rate of 98.94 percent in full-deck games. You can also go with the player bet, and this has a payout rate of 98.76 percent which is virtually the same thing. No matter what kind of Baccarat system you use, what's important is that you stay far away from the tie bet and the pair bets because they always have much higher house advantages than the banker or player bets.

Bias in the Deck

A lot of people use a Baccarat strategy based on trying to anticipate bias in the deck. The general idea is that this can be achieved through tracking the past several hands to see what's due to win or what's on a winning or losing streak. While it's hard to prove this with mathematics, a lot of people swear by this method. It's actually so popular of a strategy that land-based casinos often give out special pieces of paper with pencils to mark down a history of the hands to assist you in making decisions.

Card Counting the Player Bet

Because Baccarat card game is similar to blackjack in some basic ways, a lot of people believe that card counting is a good Baccarat system. To some degree, these people are correct. When it comes to choosing between the banker bet and the player bet, you can achieve better results by card counting and using the composition of the remaining cards in the deck to decide when the player bet becomes a better option than the banker bet. It's a pretty complicated strategy, but it can be done with some work.

Working on Side Bets

Some versions of this game have side bets, and the best Baccarat system will incorporate some of these side bets with a version of card counting. The Dragon 7 and Panda 8 are two popular side bets in the EZ Baccarat style of the game, and they both can be beaten with elaborate card counting strategies. Whether these will work in online games depends on how often the house shuffles the deck, but it's very possible to get a good payout rate on these bets if you focus on games where the shoe is dealt out very deeply.

Baccarat Strategy for Beginners

Beginning players don't need to worry about all of this mess with card counting and advanced strategies to have a good time and enjoy a sizable chance of a winning session. All you have to do is bet on the banker or player bets, and you'll achieve a payout rate similar to what moderately-skilled blackjack players are able to achieve in their own games with a fraction of the studying, practice, time and effort.