Classical Baccarat Rules

Classical Baccarat is a game that's been around for a really long time. Up until online casinos became popular, it was kept to high rollers almost exclusively, and the rules of Baccarat were basically kept a secret from the lower classes. The general idea was that this was the table game that played with a higher level of class, and people would dress their best and join a special VIP-only, roped-off area to play at an incredibly large table that often seated 12 or more. It was very much a high-society, social type of affair. However, the Internet made the classical rules of Baccarat well-known and easy to access.

The Classical Arrangement

One of the things about Baccarat is that it's a very easy game to learn to play in a way that gives you a relatively high payout rate. In fact, if you just stick to the banker bet blindly, then you'll only do slightly worse than a 99 percent average payout, and this is higher than most people achieve in skill-heavy games like blackjack and video poker. The classical rules for Baccarat are pretty complicated in terms of how the cards are dealt, but it's still fairly easy to play on a high level. So why were the rules of Baccarat so guarded with games held only for the upper classes?

Social Status and Baccarat

The social status that was tied into classical Baccarat games was a big part of the appeal. Casinos that ran these tables often needed three or four members of staff just to keep the game going because the table was so large with so many players in on the action. When you combine that with the low house advantage on most of the bets in this game, then you start to see that higher stakes were a necessity just to keep the games going and pay the overhead. This is why the rules for Baccarat were so much different in classical games before the Internet became widespread.

Post-Internet Era Games

The rules of Baccarat are a bit different now thanks to the spread of online games. This keeps the overhead so much lower that the online Baccarat casinos can offer these games with bets as low as $0.50 or $1. This would never be possible in a live arena because the house wouldn't be able to pay for the game itself. However, the Internet makes this very possible. For a good example of the difference, consider the fact that the minimum bet size in live dealer online Baccarat games is typically at least $5.

How Rules Have Changed

If you look at the classical games and how they compared to today's Internet-based games, you can see some changes in the rules. One big change is the introduction of pair bets. You can often bet on a pair for the banker or player hand, and this is a bet that wasn't available in classical games that only offered the player, banker and tie bets. Essentially, this is another wager with a high house edge of more than 10 percent, and it gives players more opportunities to make bets that give the casino more of an advantage to compensate for the lower bet sizes being used. However, if you stick to the banker and player bets, then you'll have no trouble with it at all.