ViG Live Baccarat Review

Visionary iGaming Live Baccarat

Visionary iGaming has been involved with the casino world as well as the live dealer games for a long time. The developer offers a full range of games and options for players to enjoy, which includes standard Baccarat along with Super 6 for additional betting options and game features. Players will find both variations are shown with amazingly create video feeds and offer a professional game with camera angles that show the dealer and the actual results on the table. Players will be able to enjoy the game with a broad selection of betting values and table limits that are perfect for betting strategies.

Visionary iGaming offers an easy to use betting table, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. Here players will be able to adjust game settings, video options, and sound. The game offers a chat features that connects you to all current players and the dealer, meaning a social aspect can be brought into the game if you choose.

About Visionary iGaming Live Baccarat

The developers provide a full gaming selection with the variations available. The most popular ones include standard Baccarat and Super 6. Both of these games offer additional betting options to increase your options and winning opportunities. Both games also include multiple camera angles that will ensure you see all the action up close.

Both games include side bets, but the Super 6 has more options and rewards. Players can bet on player or banker, while having the options of tie and side bet options including perfect pairs. With Super 6 Dragon, you will be able to place a bet on player dragon, meaning the player will have a total of 6 or dealer dragon, meaning the dealer will have a 6 total. Both these bets will offer rewards of 12:1. The Super 6 games include more options when it comes to perfect pairs as well. An “either” option is presented, which will reward 5:1 if either player or banker get cards consisting of the same number and suit.

How to Play ViG Baccarat

At the beginning of each round, the dealer will announce that bets may be placed. Players can then choose a chip value and click on the bet they would like to place. All betting options are available to players, meaning any bet can be selected. The game will allow more than enough time to place your wager.

Once the betting is complete, the dealer will start to present the cards on the table. The first 4 cards will determine if any of the bonus bets have won, which are instantly rewarded. The game will continue, and the dealer will provide further cards if needed to present the winning results. Once again a close up of the hand is shown along with the dealer in a picture in picture view, which will display all the details you need to confirm your winnings.