Controlled Squeeze Live Baccarat Review

Evolution Gaming Controlled Squeeze Live Baccarat

Evolution Gaming, the company that has created this particular game of baccarat, has been at the forefront of the live casino industry since it was established, in 2006. They’re among the best providers of such software, which will allow players to experience a level of interactivity that is not possible in regular online based games. Evolution Gaming has stayed true to its name, and has constantly evolved and innovated in this field, managing to become one of the most popular companies this way.

Their baccarat collection of games is among those that they became famous for, and we see it once more in their latest offer, of a game that has as its main feature the controlled squeeze. It’s not easy to innovate in a game of baccarat, and the way that developers do it is through the addition of various elements that change how players experience it, rather than change the game, which has only one variant.

The squeeze was an important innovation in online baccarat, since it tries to replicate the real world experience, which you might have in a casino in Macau.

About Evolution’s Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

The latest version of baccarat which is offered by Evolution Gaming is the one where the squeeze is left up to the player, rather than it being something that the dealer controls. With the regular Squeeze game of Baccarat, the changing of the camera angle is done by the dealer. With the Controlled Squeeze, it’s the player that has the highest stake that does it all, using his own controls.

The game is accessible directly from the desktop, or you can use a smartphone or tablet to do the same thing. No matter what platform is your favorite, you will be able to access the live dealer game that Evolution has created here.

The table at which the game of Baccarat Controlled Squeeze takes place has multiple HD cameras mounted in the studios of Evolution. The table top has in it glass panel inlays. There is a main camera used from the top, and there are also two cameras which are placed under that table, so that you can see the card faces.

Normally, the card faces are masked with the help of optical filters, as well as an overlay that is placed on top of them on the screen. To find out what the card hides, you click on the edge, and the mask will be peeled back. You can practice all this even without placing a wager.

How to Play Baccarat With Live Dealers

The game of baccarat can just as easily be played by high rollers, which can spend as much as $2,000, or by players with more regular budgets, which can get as low as $10 per table.

The games offered by Evolution will be quite similar in the way they play, the various displays and options being placed in the same areas in all variants. It all starts with the opening of the bets by the dealer, after which players pick the coin value and then place the wager. Once the betting is done, the game starts with the presentation of the initial four cards.