Playtech Live Baccarat Review

Playtech Live Baccarat

Playtech is known as one of the bets table game and live dealer developers available. Their game selection is massive and provides users with the ability to play just about any betting value they choose. Playtech has created multiple Baccarat gaming opportunities, including standard Baccarat, Progressive Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat. Each of these games has their own exciting game features, including side bets, bonus bets, and higher winning opportunities.

The game is captured and shared directly from the Playtech studios in the Philippians. Players can enjoy an HD game that is streamed directly to your screen, allowing players to see what the dealer is doing at that exact moment. Some variations of Playtech Baccarat includes a virtual table with a picture in picture screen where the dealer appears, while others use the actual table to lock in the real casino feel.

About Playtech Live Dealer Baccarat

Playtech has ensured all their players are taken care of by including multiple variations of each game, including Baccarat. This means you will be able to find the type of Baccarat game you enjoy and still have the advantage of a live dealer. Their standard and VIP Baccarat provides players with a straightforward game opportunity that consists of a full table and standard Baccarat rules. Players will have the option of multiple bet values as well as side bet options such as perfect pairs for banker and player, a regular pair for both, or simply betting on the player, banker, or tie.

Playtech Mini Baccarat is a favourite among Playtech casinos as it offers all the features of full Baccarat, but with a much smaller table. Players will have the option to choose from the various bet options, including side bets such as player and banker pairs, and perfect pairs. The game pays out the exact same as the full table and is played with 8 decks of 52 cards.

Progressive Baccarat makes the entire game more exciting. Players are offered a multi-hand variation, which follows standard rules, but provides much better winning opportunities. Players need to wager at least $2.00 to play for the progressive jackpot, which rewards on many levels. A natural 6 to 9 will pay up to an additional 25/1, but to hit the major winnings, players will need an Ace and 8, which pays 1,000/1. If both the player and banker has this combination, the game rewards 10,000/1, and finally, if both are suited for player and banker, the progressive jackpot will be paid.  

How to Play Baccarat

Other than the progressive jackpot Baccarat, players can use any betting value and enjoy the features and rewards the game has to offer. To play, you need to place a bet on player, banker, or tie, players also have the option to use side bets for additional winnings. The dealer will provide the cards and determine a winner. All payouts are instantly added to your account as the betting takes place virtually.