Playtech Progressive Baccarat Live Review

Playtech Progressive Baccarat Live

Players have the ability to enjoy a progressive jackpot live Baccarat variation from Playtech. The game offers the same rules and payouts as the standard game but has included a few additional winning opportunities for all players. A bet can be played on all game options as well as the side bet options and still win a progressive jackpot also. This will allow everything to stand a chance of winning big. The progressive jackpot feature includes many other additional rewards, which simply makes the game a lot more exciting.

Players will be able to enjoy the live side of the game with real professional dealers that present the game from the Philippine studios for Playtech. Players will see the table and the dealer presenting the game with a picture in picture view that also include a virtual table where the results are shown as well. The dealer will be visible and results can be seen on the actual table, but with the added virtual table, things are just a lot more clear and easy. Other than the jackpot feature, the game works exactly the same as live Baccarat and includes all the features players enjoy most. 

About Playtech Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat is one of Playtech’s most popular variations of the game. The table is purple, which already shows a difference for players. In additional to all the regular betting options, players have the ability to win a progressive jackpot. To have a chance at winnig the progressive jackpot it will require that a bet of at least $2.00 will be required. Players can also place additional bets on Big and Small, Pairs, and perfect pairs for both the banker and player.

The progressive jackpot rewards on multiple levels, starting from a natural 6, 7, 8, or 9. This will reward 10:1 of the bet placed on banker or player, meaning a minimum bet of $2.00 will result in a win on the hand and players will receive an additional $20.00 from the progressive play. Much bigger payouts are also available when a perfect 9 (Ace and 8) hits both the player and dealer at the same time, rewarding an amazing 1,000:1. Should both the ace and 8 bet suited, the payout will increase to 10,000:1, and finally, perfect pairs of Aces and 8 for both hands will reward the jackpot prize shown to the left of the table.

How to Play Progressive Baccarat Live

Progressive Baccarat is very easy to play and offers the exact same rules as the standard game. Using a bet below $2.00 will result in the ordinary game with standard payouts. Players need to wager on either player or banker to stand a chance of winning the jackpot, but can also enjoy side bet options, which include standard payouts.

At the beginning of each round, choose a chip value and place it on the table according to what you think the results may be. Once the time runs out, the dealer will call no more bets and start to present the cards on the table. Should any of the jackpot hands be shown, those winnings will be paid out, and the game will continue as normal. All other winnings are granted at the end of the round and added to your account.