Live Baccarat from NetEnt Review & Casinos to Play

Live Baccarat from NetEnt

Live Dealer Baccarat is another addition to NetEnt’s live casino. This is a speedy variant of the game that you’ll find at lots of casinos. This live baccarat variant is a high-quality game. That’s because you have a quality video stream and the game’s available 24/7.

The video takes up the better part of the screen while the betting options are displayed in front of you. Additional roadmaps and statistics are also available. Also, the studio offers 3 tables. Live dealer baccarat is the ultimate skill test for advanced players, but beginners are welcome too.

General Information

This baccarat variant is played with 8 decks of cards. They are shuffled and displayed in a shoe. As mentioned before the better part of the screen is dedicated to the video. This means you’ll have a good look at the table and the game’s background.

The Chromakey table is the one with a green screen so Baccarat online casinos can update the background however they see fit. The other 2 tables are in the studio so the background’s fixed. They’re called Speed Baccarat Silver and Speed Baccarat Gold. You’ll be able to choose a table from the lobby.

The Banker, Player, and Tie bets are the main bets in the game. Additionally, you have some side bets you can place. These are the Player and Banker Pair bets, as well as the Big and Small Bets. In addition to the side bets, you also have bonus bets you can place.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat From NetEnt

The game’s RTP rate is 98.94% and the bets have decent payout rates. Just like in any baccarat game you’ll need to beat the banker. You do so if the total of your chosen cards is bigger than the Banker’s hand but doesn’t exceed 9. Naturally, you can bet on the Banker’s hand. If this hand wins then you pay a small commission to the house.

The Tie bet has the top payout rate of 8:1. The Banker’s bet payout rate is 0.95:1 and the bet on the Player’s hand has a payout rate of 1:1. Both the Player and Banker Pair bets pay out 11:1 whereas the Small Bet pays out 3:2. Finally, the Big Bet pays out 1:2.

Besides the Side bets, you’ll be able to place additional bets. These include the Natural Tie, Natural Win, and the Non Natural bets from 4 to 9. This gives a lot of options to play with. When you win you’ll get paid and when you don’t, you won’t. If the shoe only has 1 deck left then it will be changed.


All in all, Live Dealer Baccarat by NetEnt is an exciting game. The fact that it’s a speed baccarat version makes this title ideal for advanced and professional players. That’s because it can test their skill as there’s not much time for them to think. Additionally, the game offers them lots of bets that come with good payout rates.

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