Ezugi Live Baccarat Review

Ezugi Live Baccarat

Ezugi provides players with an amazing live baccarat gaming opportunity that has all the standard gaming options as well as side be features. The game is played with 8 decks of cards from which the jokers have been removed. Ezugi has ensured brilliant video quality is available so players will have a clear view of what the dealer is doing and the results. This allows more than enough time before each hand to allow players to select where their bets will do. The developer has always made the game available for mobile users, meaning you can enjoy the live dealer features and fairness, no matter where you go.

Players will find a panel has been included at the bottom of the screen that provides all the information and settings required. This si also where a wide selection of chip values are available along with video setting, sound options, and much more. Bets are placed on the table to make the game more realistic and enjoyable. All wager amounts are captured electronically and payout instantly with a win.

About Live Baccarat from Ezugi

Ezugi has created an all in one variation of Baccarat, meaning you will find all the bet options in a single game. The table is not limited to the number of players who can join as players have no effect on the outcome of the hand. The game has all the standard bet options including player, banker, and tie. Also, the game will provide side bet options, which are optional for all players. These include either pair that consists of the same numbers but different suits, perfect pair rewards when the figures and suits match, and finally, big and small bet options.

The developer offers a chat option as well, which can be directed to the other players in the room or at the dealer. Dealers are very friendly and eager to talk with players. There are also options to tip the dealer, which all form part of your information panel shown at the bottom of your screen.

How to Play this Baccarat

Ezugi has created the Baccarat table to offer various wager values as table limits are set far apart. This allows users to put different betting strategies and methods to use without reaching the limit of the table.

To play the game, you simply need to choose a value at the bottom and place it on the table. This will include your hand with the next bet. The dealer will provide the cards once the timer has run out, which will result in the first 4 cards placed on the table. Any bonus bet winnings will be paid accordingly before the game goes on. The dealer will then determine a winner or add additional cards if needed. All rewards are paid into your account almost instantly as the betting and payment is done electronically.