Live Baccarat from Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming Baccarat

Extreme Live Gaming has created a variation of live Baccarat that can be enjoyed by all players. The developer has included all forms of side bets into one game, meaning players can enjoy everything from the standard game, though to other variations such as Super 6 on a single table. Various chip values are available, allow you to choose the absolute bet value for each round, which can also be used with different types of betting strategies or to wager with a progressive betting method. The game is placed on a land-based Baccarat table where players can wager on the table itself and see the dealer along with everything they do. Live dealer games from Extreme Live Gaming are available for instant play or download.

Players will have all the options available, which is a lot more than you would find in any other form of Baccarat such as virtual or land-based Baccarat. Players can zoom in on the table to see the result more clearly, place bets on the table out other players getting in your way, change the video settings for a smooth gaming experience, and much more. There are also multiple statistical windows that will provide all the information about previous rounds, allowing everyone the opportunity to place bets accordingly.

About Extreme Live Baccarat

As mentioned, Extreme Live Gaming Baccarat has all the details and features of the standard game along with all the bet options of more advanced games. The standard betting options include banker, player, and tie as per usual. A winning bet on the banker or player will reward 1:1 and a win on a tie will payout 8:1.

If players take advantage of the Super 6 side bet option, you will be able to earn an additional 12:1 on other player or banker. To win this bet, the player or banker need to end the game with a hand total of 6, which occurs a lot more than you think with Baccarat. The game also has regular pairs and perfect pairs as a side bet option, which can be activated by placing a bet on either. Regular pairs will reward when the same card values appear in hand, but different suits and perfect pairs are also the same value, but the same suit as well. This is possible as 8 decks of cards are used.

How to Play Extreme Baccarat

To play Baccarat from Extreme Live Gaming, you simply need to enter a Baccarat room and wait for a new round to begin. This only takes a few seconds, after which you can choose a bet value and place the chip on the table. Multiple chips can also be placed, in case you would like to play side bets as well.

The dealer will call final bets and start to deal the cards shortly after. The cards have bigger numbers than usual, allowing everything to see the cards dealt with each hand. Any side bet winnings other than Super 6 will be paid once 4 cards are on the table, and the rest of the rewards will be granted once the round has come to an end.