Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Review

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Baccarat

Evolution Gaming has managed to win multiple awards for their live dealer games. This is due to many factors that come together to offer an impressive gaming selection with multiple options for all players. The developer has included various live baccarat types, including Super 6 Baccarat, VIP Baccarat, and of course the standard version among others. Players can use bet values of their choice and take advantage of the game selection via PC and mobile. Each game is presented with high-quality graphics, which includes both south and video option for the perfect streaming opportunity.

Evolution Gaming has made it easy to wager on each form of Baccarat they offer with a neat information panel at the bottom of your screen. Here players can see information about the game, balances, current bets, winnings values, and take advantage of chat options as well as game settings.

About Live Baccarat from Evolution

As mentioned, the developer has created many types of Baccarat games, which is sure to offer the perfect betting opportunity for all players. The VIP Baccarat variation is a single hand game played with 8 standard decks with no jokers. These tables provide betting limits starting from just $10.00 and range up to $2,000.00 for high rollers. The VIP tables are best suited for players who use betting strategies as doubling up and reaching higher wager amounts is no problem for these tables.

Squeeze Live Dealer Baccarat is one of the latest variations from Evolution Gaming. Here players can enjoy multiple camera angles and take advantage of a more traditional game. The dealers will use the squeeze (also known as peak) feature and reveal the cards in the ways that have become know with Baccarat.

Super 6 is the variation of Baccarat where players who enjoy side bet options will feel most at home. The game includes all the options from the standard game along with a Super 6 side bet that can reward an additional 12:1.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

Evolution Gaming has made it easy to play their games no matter what variation you choose. All the bet options, settings, and balances will always be shown the same place, meaning you will never need to look for anything once you’ve played one of their games.  Players will be able to join any table as these can support an unlimited amount of players.

The game will begin once the dealer opens the bets. Players can then choose a chip value and place it in one fo the betting positions on the table. Multiple coins can also be used in case you prefer a lower bet on side bets or a higher bet on player or banker.

Once the green, orange, and red light in the top left-hand corner reach red, the betting window will be closed as the game will begin. The dealer will present the first 4 cards, and the computer will determine if there are any winnings on the side bets, which will be paid out. The baccarat dealer will complete the game by dealer more cards, or by starting the next round by allowing you to place your bets once again.