Baccarat game from RTG

The Baccarat free game produced by Realtime Gaming gives you a chance to play in a classic Baccarat atmosphere with slight better odds on an interface that's great for tracking trends. This is achieved through a combination of using six decks for the shoe and offering better odds on the tie bet than usual. Typically you'll be given a payout of 8:1 if you win on a tie bet. However, RTG's Baccarat online free game offers 9:1. This is nice if you want to move up to real money play because that's a better payout than what you would normally get in this game.

Other Important Notes

Another important note about the free Baccarat game available from Realtime Gaming is that their bets are rounded down to the nearest denomination of $0.25. This means that you should keep your bets in increments of $5 if you want the best payout possible on the banker bet. If not, then you're going to lose a few pennies on each winning bet. This is especially a disaster when playing with smaller denominations of money because the effects are a larger percentage of your overall bet.

Using This Game for Practice

Because the RTG Baccarat online free game has such a clean, intuitive interface, it's perfect for practicing different strategies. For card counting in particular this interface shows the cards clearly and makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date and accurate with your count. While there aren't any extra side bets, and you can't even make bets on pairs, it keeps the game trimmed down to the most important elements without a bunch of extra bells and whistles that you probably wouldn't use anyway. This means that Realtime Gaming's Baccarat tables are perfect for when you decide it's time to test out your strategies in the arena of real money play.

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