Baccarat from Red Tiger Review & Free Game

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Red Tiger is a name that all casino enthusiasts are familiar with. It’s a studio that has been around for a while and has used that time to make a name for itself. It offers a variety of slot games but makes sure to include some table games in the mix.

No game selection is complete without a few variants of table casino games. That’s why Red Tiger has revamped the popular baccarat game. This baccarat version is played with 6 decks and in addition to a sleek design, it has some interesting features.

General Information

As mentioned before, the Red Tiger Baccarat looks amazing. It features a spacious table where you can see a bunch of things. There are some chips on the top, the decks are on the left side of the table and the betting tiles are in the lower middle part of the table.

Just below the chips, you can see Player and Banker sections. Both parties receive their cards there. Below the table’s edge is the player’s table and features a bunch of options. You can choose the chip with the amount you want to bet and then click on the tile.

You can choose to double your bet or clear the table and start anew. The upper part of the screen has additional options. The Menu icon has a help section that explains the game down to the smallest detail. Additionally, it features sound and screen size buttons that are adjustable to your needs.

There’s also a statistics button that shows you the different road maps. It also lets you switch between tables. Below these icons, you can see your current balance, last win as well as the minimum and maximum bet amounts. Finally, this game’s available for multiple devices so players can enjoy them on computers as well as mobile devices.

How to Play Baccarat from Red Tiger

The baccarat version form Red Tiger is an homage to the classic version of the game with a few additions. This means that the game has the standard bets you can place. The Banker bet pays out 0.95:1 whereas the Player bet pays out 1:1. On the other hand, the Tie bet pays out 8:1.

The developers made sure to add 2 side bets to make things interesting. These are the Banker and Players Pair bets. Both of them have a payout rate of 11:1. These two bets give you some extra options when playing the game. When it comes to the betting options they can range from € 1 to € 5,000.


Since Red Tiger doesn’t mean to disappoint it makes sure that all its games are top-quality. That’s the case with both slots and table games they produce. Their baccarat variant is proof of what kind of quality you can expect from a Red Tiger game.

The Red Tiger baccarat variant has an interesting design and has mechanics that keep the game simple. All you need to do is click a bunch of different buttons to enjoy the game. Don’t like the table? Then you can switch to another one.

Besides the usual bets, players have the option to place 2 side bets which make things interesting. Mix that up with the other features and you have a solid baccarat game. If you’re looking for a new baccarat game to try out then this title is for you.

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