Real Baccarat with Saratti Review & Free Game

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Real Baccarat with Saratti is one of the many baccarat variants you’ll come across. However, this Microgaming titles is a unique uptake on the popular game. That’s because the game features video footage of a real dealer. The charming Saratti will deal your cards and will be part of your baccarat experience.

Besides this, the game features a simple design, with the betting options located right in from of you. You’ll get multiple camera angles. When you bet you’ll look at the table. Then the camera will move to the cards and Saratti will deal them. Once that’s done you’ll win or lose the round. Either way, you’ll be greeted with “The bets for the next round are open.”

The sounds are also appropriate to the game and add to the atmosphere. In other words, Real Baccarat with Saratti is as real as a baccarat game in a land-based casino.

General Information

The basic baccarat rules go for this game as well. This means that the Ace is worth 1 and the cards from 2 to 9 are worth their face values. The tens, kings, queens, and jacks are worth 0. Real Baccarat with Saratti is played with 8 decks. Just like in any baccarat game you play against the deal, or in this case Saratti.

Both of you get 2 cards. The Player’s cards are drawn first and then come the Banker’s cards. The one with a total that doesn’t exceed 9 and is higher than the other’s total wins. But before you compare totals you’ll have to place a bet. The 3 main bets are the bets on the Player’s Hand, the Banker’s Hand, and a Tie. In this game, you can also place bets on Pair Sides.

How to Play Real Baccarat with Saratti From Microgaming

To place a bet you’ll need to select a bet amount. You can do so by clicking on the chip icon. The betting range is set between $5 and $500. You can change the amount before a round begins. Since you know the possible bets you can click on either of them.

Naturally, each of them comes with a different payout rate. The rate for the Pair Side bets is 11:1. Betting on a Tie will get you an 8:1 payout. Betting on the Player’s or Banker’s hand will get you a 1:1 payout rate. However, if you bet on the Banker and you win you pay a 5% commission to the house.

If the total of the cards is 5 or lower than that then a third card is drawn. If the Player or Banker has a value of 9 or 8 they must both stand. These are the basics of the game. Naturally, if you win you get paid.


In conclusion, Real Baccarat with Saratti is an interesting game that will keep you entertained regardless of your baccarat level. In other words, you’ll get a unique baccarat experience and proper entertainment.


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