Baccarat from Pragmatic Play Review & Free Game

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When it comes to well-known providers Pragmatic Play is one of them. Their games are a benchmark for up and rising providers. They have a wide range of slot games but they don’t shy away from casino table games as well.

Their selection of table games includes several variants of poker, blackjack, and others. Another game this studio is known for is their version of baccarat. This is another variant of the classic game with the level of quality Pragmatic Play is known for. In other words, you can expect interesting features and amazing design.

General Information

The better part of the screen is dedicated to the table. The top of it is where you’ll find some chips and right of them is where you can see the decks of cards. Left of the chips is a small window showing you the minimum and maximum bets you can place.

The table’s color isn’t fixed. This means you can have it red, green, blue, or black. Below the chips, you have 3 tiles that represent the bets you can place. Right of them is a small table that keeps track of the score. At the edge of the table, you can see the player’s table.

It has several options. Two buttons will catch your eye. These are the plus and minus buttons and a chip between them. The plus and minus buttons are used to increase or decrease the amount shown on the chip i.e. to change the betting amount.

On the other side of the table, you can see 3 buttons. The clock button is used to control the table shown above it. It shows the results of the past 20 rounds. Then there are the Deal and Clear Bet buttons. You push the former once you’re placed a bet and the latter’s there to clear a bet if you’ve changed your mind.

Once a round’s done a Re-bet button will appear if you want to place the same bet. It’s accompanied by a New Bet button. You can find an additional table below the player’s one. This shows the sound, screen size, and help buttons as well as the current balance and bet amount. Naturally, the game can be played via computers and mobile devices.

How to Play Baccarat from Pragmatic Play

This is a remake of a classic baccarat game. It’s played with 8 decks and you have the 3 standard bets you can place. The Banker bet pays out 0.95:1, the Player’s bet pays out 1:1 and finally, the Tie bet pays out 8:1.

An interesting feature comes in the shape of a Fast Forward button you can see in the upper left corner of the screen. This button lets you switch to Turbo Mode which increases the speed of the game. The betting range that you are limited to spans from € 0.1 to € 100.


Since Pragmatic Play is a company known for amazing games, players know that they can expect nothing less from its variant of baccarat. Pragmatic Play’s Baccarat variant looks and plays great. The features are interesting and make the game suitable for all kinds of baccarat players. The additional Turbo Mode is ideal if you’re looking to speed things up. All in all, this baccarat version is a take on the classic baccarat game and if you like that version then you’ll enjoy this one.

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