Baccarat game from Playtech

If you're looking to play Baccarat online free, then a good option is to do it with Playtech. They only have one style of Baccarat available, but it includes a number of extra side bets to give players a lot of options. These side bets aren't usually found in games, and they have payouts that definitely add some variety. The visual presentation of the game is also solid, and it gives you a great platform for practicing your strategies and improving as a player. This is the main advantage of using this software to play free online Baccarat.

The New Side Bets

In this free Baccarat you'll start with the normal bets with the regular payouts in this game. The banker pays 0.95:1, the player pays 1:1, a tie pays 8:1 and both of the normal pair bets pay 11:1. There's also a bet for either pair that wins at 5:1 if either hand's first two cards make a pair, and it has a high house advantage of 14.54 percent. The house advantage of the perfect pair bet is even worse at 17.07:1, and you win on the perfect pair if either starting hand forms a paired hand. It's worth noting that this free online Baccarat game uses six decks instead of eight, and that affects the odds of these wagers a bit.

You can also make a small bet which pays at 1.5:1, and it wins when the total of the player's cards and the banker's cards are a four, and it has a house edge of 5.3 percent. The big bet is similar and wins if the total is five or six with a house edge of 4.4 percent. These wagers really add to the experience of playing Baccarat online free with the Playtech software, and they're fun bets we'd like to see used more often by other software developers.

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