Mini Baccarat from Play N GO Review & Free Game

Mini Baccarat from Play N GO Big Image

Play’N GO is a name that many online casino players are familiar with. The provider has established a reputation for a great provider and has produced lots of casino games over the years. These include a variety of slot games.

Besides, the provider doesn’t shy away from a table casino game. The Mini Baccarat variant is proof of that. The game’s suitable for all kinds of baccarat players. It has a simple design and some interesting features. In other words, it’s a game you would enjoy!

General Information

A great table awaits you when you open this game. The top middle part of it is where you can see some chips. Left of them is a place where the dealt cards after a round go and disappear. Right of the chips, you can see a small window showing you the minimum and maximum bets.

Right next to it is where the set of decks is located. The middle part of the Mini Baccarat table is dedicated to the bets you can place. They come in circles you can click on. Below them is the player’s table. After you’ve clicked one then you can click the Deal button.

If you happen to change your mind then you can click the Clear All button and bet again. After a round ends you have the option to place a new bet or the same one. The Re-bet button can help you do that. You don’t need to click the Deal Button again as the game automatically deals after that.

Right of those buttons, you can see the different types of chips you can place. You can combine them if you have a specific amount in mind. Left of them is where you can see the statistics table in the shape of a road map.

Below it, you have the Menu button which comes with additional options you can adjust. Next to it is the Sound button that lets you turn the sound on or off. The Question Mark button is there to help you with the rules.

Finally, an additional table’s available at the bottom of the screen. It shows you your current balance, bet amount, and win. You can play the game via a computer or a mobile device of your choice.

How to Play Mini Baccarat from Play N GO

This game is another homage to classic baccarat. The 3 standard bets you can place prove this. The Player’s bet pays out 1:1, the Banker’s bet pays out 0.95:1 and the Tie pays out 8:1. The betting mechanics are simple enough to understand.

The game also comes in 2 modes. The normal mode is the regular one you can play it in. The second one is the Turbo mode which you can turn on by clicking on the Thunderbolt symbol. This speeds up the dealing of the cards once the bet’s placed. The betting amount ranges from € 0.1 to € 100.


Play’N GO puts a lot of time and effort into making a game. Their Mini Baccarat version is proof of it. The game has a simple design that complements the game simplicity. Think of it as an online baccarat game that follows the classic rules. One exception is the Turbo Mode. All in all, Mini Baccarat by Play’N Go is a game that won’t disappoint you.

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