Big Win Baccarat from iSoftBet Review & Free Game

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When it comes to top-tier providers, iSoftBet is one that always makes it on the list. Thanks to putting a lot of time and effort into its games the company has managed to enjoy a good reputation. The game portfolio is made up of a variety of table and slot casino games.

This shows that the provider approached classic table games and remade them in their fashion. They did so with baccarat and that’s why the Big Win Baccarat game exists today. It’s made up of simple design and some interesting features.

General Information

A huge dark green table is displayed right in front of you. There are 2 sets of decks on it. You can see that one is on the left side and the other on the left side of the table. Below the left set, you can see a small window that shows you the minimum and maximum bets you can place.

In the middle of the Big Win Baccarat table, you can see the betting options. The different bets come in differently shaped tiles. Furthermore, you click on one to place a bet. Below them is a Deal button which you push after you’ve placed a bet.

After the round is over that button will disappear and it’ll be replaced by 2 new ones. Both are Re-bet buttons. The first one lets you re-bet double the amount while the second one lets you re-bet the same amount. After you’ve selected a bet you get the Deal button again.

It’s accompanied by a Clear Bet button you can use if you’ve changed your mind. Right of these buttons are several chips that represent the different bet amounts you can place. You can combine different chips to bet the desired amount.

On the far left side, you can see the Menu and Sound icons. The former lets you see the rules, the payout rates, and lets you adjust additional settings. The latter lets you turn the sound on or off. Below these buttons, you can see a huge table that shows the different road maps. Below it, you can see another table that shows you your balance, current win, and bet amount. Finally, this game’s available for both computers and mobile devices.

How to Play Big Win Baccarat from iSoftBet

Baccarat is a simple enough game. The 3 standard bets present the 3 possible outcomes of the game. To make things more interesting iSoftBet added some side bets. These are the Player Pair, Banker Pair, and the Any Pair bets.

The Banker and Player Pair bets pay out 11:1 whereas the Any Pair bet pays out 5:1. However, these side bets aren’t the only things that make the game unique. It features a Turbo Mode which speeds up the game. This mode can be turned on in the settings window of the Menu. Finally, the betting amount can range from € 0.1 and € 100.


iSoftBet is a quality provider that’s famous for the quality of the games it has produced. The company’s Big Win Baccarat version is proof of their dedication to games. Namely, the game features a simple yet effective design. It’s ideal for all types of players.

In addition to the standard bets, the game has a few side ones. Also, despite the normal mode players can enjoy a sped-up version of the game. With these available features, players can enjoy a unique take on the classic baccarat game. If you’re looking for such a game then make sure to give it a try. It won’t disappoint.

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