Baccarat from BetSoft Review & Free Game

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BetSoft is a well-known name when it comes to game providers. They have produced plenty of games throughout the years and by doing so have established themselves as a top-tier provider. Their list of games includes a bunch of variants of classic casino games.

That game selection also includes a unique approach to the baccarat game. The BetSoft baccarat variant is an homage to the classic baccarat game that people like to play. Interesting features are combined with a simple design and result in a fantastic online casino title.

General Information

The better part of the screen is dedicated to the table. On it, you can see several tiles that show you that up to 8 players can enjoy a game. The different types of bets are also in plain sight. The player’s cards are displayed to the lower left side of the table while the bankers are displayed on the lower right side.

The edge of the table serves as the place where the player’s table’s located. There are a bunch of icons there. On it, you can see the sound and Help icons. The Help icon can help you adjust the sound and other options in the game. Additionally, it shows you the game’s rules. There are 3 buttons next to it.

These determine the speed at which the game’s played. The 3 modes are slow, normal, and fast mode. To change the mode simply click any of the buttons. What follows next is a few buttons that let you choose the bet amount. Once you do so, you click on the desired bet.

Above them you have buttons which let you place the same bet again, clear the table or undo a bet before you hit deal. There’s an additional table below the player’s one that shows your current balance, bet, and current wins.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t feature any Road Maps. However, it’s available for computers as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

How to Play Baccarat from BetSoft

As mentioned before, this baccarat variant is just like the original one. This means that players can place the standard bets. The Player’s bet pays out 1:1 while the Banker’s bet pays out 0.95:1. The Tie bet is the most lucrative option should you win it since it has a payout rate of 8:1.

The betting range is between € 1 and € 5,000. Other than that there are no side bets or additional statistics. This truly is an adaptation of the classic baccarat variant.


Since BetSoft is a studio that puts a lot of time and effort into their games it’s no wonder that it enjoys a good reputation. Their games are offered by lots of operators all over the world and consequently played by millions of players. They’ve made a bunch of slots and table games throughout the years. The baccarat version they have is only one example of how a quality game should be made.

In its essence, it’s a baccarat game made for the online punters. It has an interface that’s easy to understand. Its features are simple enough making it ideal for beginners. However, the game features 3 different speed modes that make it adaptable to the needs of professionals. All in all, BetSoft’s baccarat is a title for all to enjoy. So if you’re looking for a baccarat title to play then make sure to try this one out.

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