Play Baccarat For Real Money

Baccarat belongs to all-time hits among real money casino games. It has captured the hearts of gamblers thanks to its thrill and easy-to-learn winning strategies. Playing it can bring you great payouts since the game has a small house edge. Today’s online casinos - at least those that we have included in this 2021 review - employ high-class software from top developers and can boost your chances in this card game with their superb bonuses.

What Is Baccarat?

Baccarat represents a card game that ranks among the top-5 games played in gambling houses, both online and brick-and-mortar. Today, there exists a broad choice of the game’s variants to play in a web casino. You can even experience it live thanks to the latest technologies and upscale Live casino software and hardware.

Despite its diversity, all Baccarat online versions are based on a common set of rules. Follow our ultimate guide on Baccarat to know all twists and turns of this terrific game.

Top Recomended Baccarat Casinos

The below-listed online casinos are not just sites where one can play the Baccarat game among other options. These are online casinos our expert team has tried and verified starting from their legal status to VIP programs and promotions they offer.
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Play Baccarat Games Free

Do you want to practice the game for free? Get to know which free Baccarat games you can play in the best web casinos from our chart

Live Dealer Baccarat Games

What is Baccarat at a Live Dealer Casino? This is an excellent opportunity to sense how cards are played in a real lobby. Thanks to today’s techs and top-class software from the best game providers, online casinos allow you to play with a human dealer in real-time mode

Baccarat History

There are several theories on where the game was invented. Some would even claim it originates from Ancient China. However, most historians agree that Baccarat history dates back to the fifteenth century when it was first played on the territories of present-day Italy and France.

The word “baccarat” derives from the old Italian word with the meaning “zero”, so it is believed that Italy is a real motherland of the game. Some do not stop there and suggest the name of its inventor - Felix Faguerein. This was an Italian gambler of the time. Interestingly, the game was initially played with tarot cards.

In the nineteenth century, the Baccarat card game became a gamblers’ favorite in Europe and Central and South America. It has survived despite all bans on the game itself or gambling houses in general. Until the present time, it remained the game played by the elite and behind closed doors.

Why the Baccarat Game Is So Popular

The development of Internet gambling and the propagation of online casino sites have opened a new page in Baccarat history. It has attracted the general public thanks to its new features the most significant of which are as follows:

  • Affordability - The Baccarat online real money game is not a high roller’s amusement anymore. Web casinos can satisfy punters with any budget now. Some tables accept bets of $5 or even $1. At the punter’s disposal are free Baccarat options, too.
  • Diversity - The online punter can access numerous versions of the game and try it for free or in Live mode. The most renowned developers have released their Baccarat games each having its interesting features.
  • Easy Rules - One can learn the basics of the game in no time - its rules are indeed simple. There’s no need to acquire complicated strategies to begin.
  • Winning Odds - Online Baccarat belongs to casino games with the most attractive odds. Here, all hinges upon the bet and the most beneficial one is that made on Banker. The house edge in this case will be just 1.06%. As for Player, it equals 1.24% and it is a nice option, too. The Tie is the least profitable since the 14.36% house edge is applied to it.

Baccarat Game Terminology

Learn the classical terms used in Baccarat to hone your knowledge of the game. Knowing them will simplify your understanding of the rules and allow you to feel like a pro when having a Baccarat session with “real” players.




the money one bets in a game session


a hand of a zero value


the person who deals cards

Banco Prime

in a situation with several Banco players: the right to match the bank’s bet given to the player sitting next to the dealer


a betting option in Baccarat with odds of 45.84% and a 1:1 payout


a two-table variant of the game with the croupier sitting at the center


Discarding upper cards (3-6) after the deck is shuffled


a casino croupier or dealer

Card Counting

a Baccarat strategy where counting cards is used to estimate one’s chances

Chemin de Fer

a game modification similar to the European version


a bet that all active players win or lose


the name of chips


a Baccarat round with one hand given to Banker and Player


the dealer


dividing the deck into two

Cut Card

a specific card made of plastic that serves to cut decks


one who deals cards

Discard Tray

a place for burned cards

Down Card

Hole Card; a card dealt face down

Dragon Bonus

a side bet on the odds at which the winning hand will be with the losing one

Edge Sorting

observing cards and trying to guess the further deal

Face Card

a “portrait” card, that is, a Jack, Queen, and a King


placing a bet

Flat Bet

a similar amount bet


cards received during one round

House Edge

the payout part that the house leaves for itself


in a land-based casino: an employee that observes the game

La Grande

Natural 9

La Petite

Natural 8

Loss Bet

a wager against Banker

Match Play

a bonus when the house doubles your win

Mini Baccarat

a game variant with a smaller table lowers stakes and a quicker gameplay


a 10 or a face card


8 52-card decks


the best hands in Baccarat with a total of 9 or 8


the dealer use it to move cards and chips


a win


a betting option with the odds of 44.62% that pays 1 to 1

Punto Banco

a Baccarat variety


the bet held intact for another round


a side bet with which one wagers on several hands


an automatic mechanism used to deal cards


the bank


Banker and Player have hands with the same value


a series of consecutive wins or losses

Super Pan Nine

a Baccarat version common for Los Angeles casinos


a betting option in Baccarat with the payout of 8:1 or 9:1 but with the house edge of 14.36%


a card dealt face up


a small commission the house takes from wins

Different Types of Baccarat

Be ready to come across numerous Baccarat casino online variants. However, most of them are based on three or four common versions of the game. Let’s overview their peculiarities.

Chemin de Fer

Frank Sinatra dealing Chemin de Fer in Las Vegas

European punters adore this variant. It allows up to 14 players at the table. One of them also acts as a dealer.

3 Card Baccarat

In this Macau-preferred version, only one 52-card deck is employed and three cards are dealt for each hand.

Punto Banco

This might be the most popular and the most common way of playing Baccarat online and in a real lobby all around the globe. The rules are classical, but the dealer arranges the game and makes it run faster.

Mini Baccarat

This variant is similar to Punto Banco. It can gather up to 7 gamblers and allows smaller amounts to wager on.

How To Choose The Best Baccarat Online Casino

Baccarat games collection in the typical online casino

When picking a gambling site to play Baccarat for cash or fun, pay attention to its reputation and the services it offers. You may easily use our charts for this purpose and expect that the reviewed Baccarat casinos will score 10 out of 10 by the following criteria:

Banking And Payouts

It is a must for a reputed Baccarat casino to offer a modern multi optional system of payment methods. It also should ensure seamless withdrawals and high payouts.

Bonuses And Promotions

Opt for those operators that indulge their new and seasoned clients with fair bonuses and attractive promos. A real money casino with inappropriate bonus T&Cs cannot hit our reviews.

Mobile Options

Today’s techs allow playing both computer and Live Casino Baccarat across all devices. With any of the operators reviewed in this article, you may count on a smooth gaming experience on whatever gadget.

Customer Support

Proper customer care must include Live Chat and other common means of communication to enable quick responses to whatever question or issue.

Safety And Security

The casino’s proper licenses and software are a guarantee of secure gaming at it. Do not deal with unlicensed operators - they will be able to protect neither your data nor funds.

Live Dealer Online Baccarat - How It Works

When joining Baccarat Live Casino, you alone or together with other players participate in a real-time process fully worked out and technologically equipped. It all works like this:

  • Register at a casino
  • Refill your bankroll
  • Proceed to the Live Casino section
  • Select a table and a dealer
  • Click Join to start

The game is run by the human dealer from a special lobby with numerous cameras and other upscale software used to ensure Live Streaming. You can watch all the actions and the game online statistics. As for the rest, this is the very same Baccarat you play in a land-based venue or online.

Free Baccarat Games: Pros & Cons

Even if you plan to play online Baccarat for real cash, do not ignore its free modes offered by some of the top sites. The advice is especially valid for newbies to this house classic. However, pro gamblers can have their profit here, too.


  • no registration or deposit is required;
  • a chance to improve your game knowledge;
  • working out personal strategies;
  • learning the gameplay features of a specific Baccarat


  • often a narrower range of betting options;
  • lower winning chances;
  • usually no Live Baccarat

Mobile Casino Baccarat App

The recent options from web casinos include playing through a dedicated mobile app. It has its strengths and weaknesses, namely:


  • Convenience;
  • The customizability of the content;
  • Access from everywhere and at whatever time.


  • Apps require downloading and setup;
  • iTunes and Google Play restrictions.

A quite workable alternative here is the use of mobile browsers to launch Baccarat games instantly. Top operators usually ensure the equally excellent quality of the gaming in this case.

Baccarat Game Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Play Live Baccarat From The USA?

Use any of the recommended casinos with Live options from our review.

Is It Legal To Play Baccarat In The USA?

Yes, the casinos we reviewed in this article are legal and safe for playing in the US.

Is It Safe To Play Online Baccarat?

When dealing with licensed casinos that use high-standard software, you may count on absolutely safe Baccarat gaming.

Can I Play Online Baccarat For Free?

Surely, many casinos offer this option. No registration or deposits are required in this case.

How To Win In the Baccarat Cash Game?

Study the rules of the exact game you play. Bear in mind the house edges. You may also learn popular Baccarat strategies; however, it is the game of pure luck.

Do Сasinos Сheat In Online Baccarat Games?

Reputed casinos with proper licenses would never cheat in whatever games. Use our chart to pick the best venue for playing fair Baccarat.